Description of property

The listed residential and commercial building was constructed in 1893 by the renowned architect Paul Segesser in the neo-Renaissance style for his client, Wilhelm Weingartner.

The property comprises a ground floor constructed in granite with the original wooden windows, four sandstone-clad upper storeys and a gabled roof with a terrace area. There is a bay window with a balcony on the first two upper storeys, flanked on the first floor by wide balconies.

As part of the block, the property has had a strong influence on the development of Löwenstrasse and is one of the many protected listed buildings in Switzerland.

Renovations (2010 – 2012)

The property was elaborately and expertly restored in consultation with the department for the preservation of historical monuments of the city of Lucerne. The windows were replaced and soundproofed according to the stipulations of the department for the preservation of historical monument and sun protection elements were also installed in accordance with historical specifications.

New balconies have been added on the façade on the inner courtyard, to ensure every apartment has at least one balcony. Two maisonette apartments have been created in the raised roof storey. The technical facilities and risers have been replaced, and the energy supply has been converted to gas heating with a central water treatment system. The groundwater protection in the basement has been renovated with a new well system.

A glass elevator has been installed at ground level to serve all the apartments.

Extensive renovations have been carried out in the existing apartments. All the bathrooms, kitchens and electrical systems have been refurbished, and fire separation areas and soundproofing have been installed between the dwellings. The entrance doors have been doubled and soundproofed.

All the units have their own washing machine and tumble dryer in the apartment and a private space in the basement.